Sim RANDOMIZER is a free tool that enables to set various options of flight-simulation programs in a unique way:

  • Controllable degree of randomness, adding variability and uncertainty (e.g. varied departure/arrival instructions).
  • Integration of programs (e.g. MCE co-pilots aware of PF3 procedures and parking assignments).
  • Randomization of files used by flight-sim programs and the sim itself (e.g. random selection of REX Soft Clouds textures).

Enjoy it, captains!

Currently Supported Software

  • PF3-ATC at its best (PF3)
  • Multi Crew Experience (MCE)
  • File-randomization function supports any software.


  • (PF3) Randomization of the choice between vectoring vs. standard procedure.
  • (PF3) Fully customizable, preset-specific, modification of departure/arrival procedures with selectable degree of uncertainty.
  • (PF3) Utilization of SID/STAR names for custom instructions with adjustable probability of their occurrence. 
  • (PF3) Presets and profiles for airports, runways, times of day or anything you need.
  • (PF3) Airline-based random selection of gates.
  • (MCE) Randomization of MCE co-pilot selection and mood (with possibility to automatically set the corresponding PF3 pilot voice).
  • (MCE) Awareness of PF3 procedures/instructions and gates.
  • (MCE) Reading of real-world names of procedures and waypoints (with TTS voices).
  • (MCE) Randomization of MCE scripts.
  • (Any software) Randomization of 'active' files. You can easily copy a file from a pool of alternatives, using variables.
  • (All) Safety. No modification of the target software functionality. Only standard settings are set. Backups. Detailed logs.
  • (All) Zero impact on performance of the sim or other programs. Randomizer does not run alongside your sim, it sets the parameters and quits.
  • (All) Simple UI that enables to easily select presets and profiles and set main settings. 
  • (All) Extensive customization through ini files.
  • (All) Advanced system of variables providing almost unlimited variability.


Please feel free to ask any question you have on the designated support forum generously provided by Oncourse-Software, producer of 'PF3-ATC at its best' :

Download and Usage

Download the installation ZIP package and the User Manual from the links below. Please read the User Manual for instructions how to use Randomizer.