First full flight with ChasePlane

ChasePlane UI

My first flight with a new addon – ChasePlane (Alpha version). Awesome!

  1. For the first time I am able to fully use my SpaceNavigator 3D mouse! This was not possible with EZDOK. 3D mouse makes camera movement extremely easy and precise, exploring cool views or making screenshots was never so enjoyable, even for a busy A320 captain :)
  2. This program is not only functional but also very good looking. From the start with rotating vehicles to a beautiful user interface.
  3. Import of EZDOK presets! Quickly imported and fine-tuned to perfection due to the ease of adjusting in ChasePlane.
  4. As this is Alpha version, bugs are not worth of mentioning.
  5. Looking forward to upcoming features, especially static (world) cameras and recording possibilities (I bet they will be in a version 2.0).

This is going to be an absolute must have, in the same league as FSUIPC or Active Sky. Well done!